What do I need to know before I start to choose your services?

The standard length of each cleaning is set to 3 hours. Please, take into consideration the fact that the first cleaning is a “testing cleaning” which helps us to find out how we can meet your requirements at our best and how to ensure fast and effective cleaning for you.

When choosing time of cleaning, please, choose just the starting time of the cleaning – we will discuss the overall time needed for your cleaning in person. There will never be a situation that you would pay more money than what was really performed.

Before you place your order, please, check the list of cleaning products. If you want us to use our products, please, write it into the end of your message.

If you have some of the following surfaces (eg.: chrome, stainless steel, granite, marble, solid wood, laminate) but you do not have any special cleaning products for these types of surfaces, please, write it into end of your message.

If you wish to have your windows washed as well, please, write the exact number of windows. - (* 1 window includes a double-sided area of the glass and has these dimensions: 50x100cm).

In case you wish to order a pet sitting service for your pets, please, contact us via email: or call us at: +420 720 960 830/720 960 835



One time cleaning service

  • 1 hour of cleaning: 165Kč
  • 1 hour of cleaning with our cleaning products: 184Kč
  • window washing – standard size (double-sided): 55Kč

Regular cleaning service

  • 1 hour of cleaning: 150Kč
  • 1 hour of cleaning with our cleaning products: 169Kč
  • window washing – standard size (double-sided): 45Kč/1 panel of glass

Pet sitting service

  • pet sitting: individual price
  • traveling costs outside of Prague: 8Kč/km